Professional Recommendations

Over the course of my career I have worked with some incredibly talented people.  I am humbled that so many have taken the time to recognize my work.  Below is a sampling of those endorsements from supervisors, direct reports and colleagues.

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Vice President, Communications + Marketing, Rare

"Jason came to Rare and defined the Marketing function. He is always a step ahead in understanding and pointing out what is possible. He thinks systemically about audiences, impact at different levels of an organization, sustainability and advancement of an idea or initiative, and from design to implementation. He has a global view of his job and applies his vision considering all stakeholders."

-Sabina Puppo • VP, Talent

"Jason led the new Branding effort for Rare, following a failed effort prior to his arrival. He led a very participatory effort that was so successful that when it was unveiled in front in an all staff retreat, the staff thumped the tables. It was from this marvelous start - totally accepted and adopted quickly and without reservation."

-Brian Day • Social Marketing Director, Rare

Senior Director, Communications Strategy, Global Communications + Marketing

Conservation International

"Jason Anderson is extremely hard working, smart, and conscientious. As his direct supervisor, I had the privilege of working closely with Jason for a year at Conservation International. He was my right hand and his grasp of the complex organization and its even more complex operating environment was remarkable. He deftly juggled multiple projects, calmly handled rapidly developing media crises, graciously dealt with challenging personnel and budget issues, and generously made the time to mentor less-experienced staff in our department and across the organization. Working with Jason is a pleasure, as he consistently hits home runs and keeps a smile on his face the whole time. I would be honored to work with Jason again, any where, any time!"

-Mark Phillips • SVP, Communications & Marketing • Conservation International

"Jason is a great colleague. He is fantastic to bounce ideas off of, think creatively and determine strategic steps towards mutual aims. In particular, I was impressed by the way in which Jason strategically planned communications support for UN Climate Convention meetings where audiences were varied and messages complex. Jason was able to distill very technical and wonky language into direct and digestible messaging that advanced our goals with various stakeholder groups. Jason was an effective facilitator of strategic thinking and challenged me and my colleagues to consider the communications implications throughout our planning and daily work. I will miss seeing Jason every day in the office. He always had a smiling face and kind demeanor!"
-Joanne Sonenshine • Director • Climate Strategy • Conservation International

"As my direct supervisor, Jason provided organized leadership and excellent guidance on creating and managing communications campaigns. He is an innovative and collaborative communicator with wide-ranging talents including, cross-divisional facilitation, a strategic and methodical approach, and persistence in the face of various challenges. In sum, Jason has been a great mentor and a pleasure to work with."
-Martha Miller • Manager, Communications Strategy • Conservation International

"Jason has been an immeasurable help to me as I planned the Washington Journalism and Media Conference and the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment. He has always been willing to utilize his expertise and connections to help to educate future professionals in the field.  I would recommend Jason highly to anyone. His work ethic, experience, and professionalism would be an asset to any organization."
-Amanda Adams Barney • Director of Operations, Washington Scholars Program • George Mason University

Director, Communications + Marketing, Corporate Partnerships Division

Conservation International

 "I had the good fortune of working with Jason Anderson throughout most of the last decade as a colleague at Conservation International (CI), including as his direct supervisor during part of that time and most recently in my current role as co-director of CI’s Center for Environmental Leadership in Business. Jason is among the most solid communications professionals I have encountered during my thirty-year career in natural resources and the environment. At CI he did an outstanding job of bringing international attention to the results of our partnerships with leading corporations such as Starbucks, Office Depot and McDonald’s. His cool and collected approach in managing heavy workloads and high-pressure situations represents a valuable asset for any organization."
-Justin Ward • Vice President, Business Practices, Conservation International

"I worked with Jason for several years at Conservation International and was very impressed with him. He deftly managed communications around CI's corporate partnerships with such companies as Starbucks, McDonalds, Walmart and BG. These were major, multi-year initiatives in which Jason was responsible for crafting the message as well as securing top-level national media coverage of the partnerships. It was one of CI's most important areas of operation and Jason was relied upon to ensure they consistently went smoothly. I strongly recommend Jason to any NGO with corporate partners or any corporations looking for an ace communicator to help them publicize their environmental, sustainability, and/or CSR initiatives."
-Marshall Maher • Director, Strategic Marketing + Global Communications, Conservation International

"I had the pleasure of working with Jason on number of projects that required his effective + strategic thinking to present successfully to major accounts such as Disney, Starbucks and Pepsico. Jason as the Director of Corporate Communications & Marketing at Conservation International gracefully led and facilitated an entire team of Project Managers, Writers, Production Designers and Designers to complete a project or client presentation from concept to finish. His leadership, communication knowledge, strategic planning and problem-solving qualities played a major role in bringing ground-breaking results for Conservation International. I highly recommend Jason to any company and organization."
-Samira Kordestani • Art Director, Samira Design (contractor)

Manager, Media Relations, Corporate Partnerships Division

"Jason Anderson managed corporate media relations under my supervision at Conservation International. Jason is an excellent public relations professional in all respects. He was consistently one step ahead of others with information and ideas to create marketing and communications campaigns that achieved results and created lasting relationships with many important corporate partners. He is thorough, determined, hard-working and very skilled at working with people. I strongly recommend him for any high-level communications, marketing or public relations position."
-Lisa Bowen • Senior Director, Communications • Conservation International



"During his time at CNN Jason was considered a top producer in the newsroom. His attention to detail, quick and smart work style made him a favorite go-to person for senior and executive producers who wanted to ensure thier show would be in good hands.  Jason is a hard worker and does not give up when the pressure is on, the job always gets done, on time and done well. He works well on teams and by himself, one of the reasons he has done well in his career.  As somebody who has worked with Jason directly I would highly reccomend him for any position he is applying for knowing he will do a stellar job and inspire others."
-Michael Mount • Senior Producer, Pentagon Bureau • CNN

"I worked with Jason for a few years at CNN. During that time, Jason displayed an exemplary work ethic and commitment. He was an extremely hard worker with the ability to concurrently juggle many tasks efficiently. Jason was dedicated and very personable. He would be a great addition to any company."
-Linda Love • Producer, Special Projects • CNN


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