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In the past five years the communications and marketing world has become increasingly complicated. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and mobile apps have joined the vast array of outlets and platforms competing for our attention. This blog contains my thoughts on best practices for cutting through the clutter and having impact. I'll also be taking occasional detours into the world of corporate social responsibility and green marketing where I have ten years of expertise.

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Why Getting Laid Off Was A Good Lesson in Branding and Strategy (Part 2 - Personal Brand Lessons)

by Jason W. Anderson
Jason W. Anderson
Jason has spent the last ten years developing and executing communications strat
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Wednesday, 13 July 2011 Category Marketing & Branding

In my previous entry, I discussed how being laid off from my job reminded me of valuable branding and strategy lessons that were applicable to my role within the communications and marketing division at Conservation International.  I also discovered that the experience taught me some important lessons in guarding my own “personal brand” as well.

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