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The Missing Ingredient to Most Crisis Communications Plans

by Jason W. Anderson
Jason W. Anderson
Jason has spent the last ten years developing and executing communications strat
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Sunday, 24 July 2011 Category Crisis Communications

If you are in the communications and marketing business, you can not watch the recent coverage of the phone hacking scandal involving Rubert Murdoch and not have a shiver run down the back of your spine.  


As brand managers this would be considered a nightmare to deal with.  I actually know people who are working for teams on both sides of the issue and after speaking with them, I am thankful to be sitting on the sidelines on this one.

rupert murdoch image

The situation has led to many articles and discussions about best practices for crisis communications and what Murdoch’s team should or should not be doing.  This ongoing “case study” will join the volumes of information which have been written about the subject and have led to the creation of very profitable crisis response firms.


What strikes me, however, is that most of what is being discussed or found in books is missing one key point.


Allow me to let you in on a little secret to the missing ingredient for most crisis communications plans. 



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